Welcome to SMGdm - Home of SMG LOCAL SPECTRUM™

Our media, planning, and performance reporting capabilities span a broad local marketplace. We help clients convert in-market prospects to customers through online and offline directional channels. At SMGdm we understand the importance of local within a brand's marketing mix. LOCAL SPECTRUM is built on the premise that consumerbuying is still predominately a local, store-level, activity and that there are a variety of linked efforts which are needed in order for brands to connect with prospective clients.

Starcom MediaVest Group

SMG encompasses an integrated network of highly specialized consumer contact companies. SMGdm is the local performance specialist within the SMG network. Within the product offerings of LOCAL SPECTRUM, we will unlock insights and empower decision making at a hyper-local level. A deeper understanding of ROI against specific audiences allows us to deliver profitable conversions for our clients.

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Our Work in Action

At the end of each day, it all comes down the value we provide to our clients. Many aspect of our partnerships define success, but our attention to detail and our constant drive to bring ideas, innovation and results are tried & true. We strive to anticipate consumer behavior though market-level intelligence and respond based on measured actions.

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Our Product Offerings

We think holistically across all directional channels in order to successfully meet consumers when and where they are at, the moment they need information. We’ve built successful multi-channel programs for any size budgets. With SMGdm, you will be sure to speak with subject experts who understand specific channels and can share enlightening perspective.

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